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Forced air HVAC systems make heating and cooling your home easy and convenient, but require existing ductwork to transport air from a single furnace or air conditioner. However, many homes were built without these ducts; while it’s possible to add ductwork for central heating and air to an existing home, the retrofitting process is not a small endeavor. Today, there is a simpler, easier, more cost-effective, and even more energy-efficient solution to the issue of installing central heating and cooling for homes without existing ducts—mini-split HVAC systems can provide customized heating and cooling for several rooms in your home at once without the need to install ductwork or make other major changes to your home.

How Mini-Split HVAC Systems Work

Mini-split HVAC systems are available in two types: single-room and multi-room models. These appliances work much like central forced air systems, with a heat pump or air conditioner condenser unit that is located outside the home, either on the roof or on the ground. Cables containing coolant are run from the outdoor unit into your home, where they are attached to one or more air handling units. In most cases, a small hole only three inches in diameter is needed to run these cables into your home. The air handlers that distribute air may be mounted on a wall or ceiling for convenience and aesthetics. Depending on the type of system you install, your mini-split system can provide cooling only or heating and cooling to one or several rooms in your home via each air handler unit, which can be turned on and off as you enter or leave a space. While single-room models connect the outdoor unit to a single air handler in the room of your choice, multi-room models can provide temperature and humidity control for four to six rooms, and multiple outdoor units can be installed if you’d like heating and cooling in even more areas of your home.

The Benefits of Mini-Split HVAC Systems

Mini-split HVAC systems offer several benefits to homeowners who want central heating and air but don’t want to go through the process of retrofitting their home. These HVAC systems can be installed much more quickly and often at much lower cost than retrofitting your home with ductwork, and allow you to instantly enjoy the zoned heating and cooling that would require further modification of a traditional forced air system to achieve. Zoned heating and cooling simply means that you can choose which areas of your home are heated and cooled at any given time, which allows you to save money and reduce your energy usage while enjoying personalized comfort by heating and cooling only the spaces you are currently using. Mini-split HVAC systems are versatile, energy efficient, quiet, and convenient, letting you control the temperature and humidity in as many or as few areas of your home as you wish, including garages, attics, and home additions. Because these systems don’t use ducts, you also won’t experience the energy losses that can be associated with poorly-sealed ducts, further lowering your energy usage and your long-term home comfort costs.

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