A Look at Common Furnace Repairs

Your furnace is comprised of several components working together to create and distribute heated air throughout your Columbia home. When one or more of these parts becomes damaged, dirty, or worn, it can affect your heating system in several ways, from a noticeable drop in efficiency to a complete halt in home heating altogether. Keep reading to take a closer look at some of the most common furnace repairs you may encounter; while your furnace does face a greater risk of a breakdown as it ages, regular maintenance and prompt repairs from a professional are the best ways to keep your furnace working efficiently throughout its full expected lifetime.

Electrical Repair

Furnaces use electrical power for many reasons, from the creation of heat in an electric furnace to the distribution of heat via the blower motor. One common cause of heating failures is a tripped circuit breaker every time the furnace activates, which interrupts power to the system and causes the furnace to shut down. If your furnace trips the circuit breaker frequently, it’s time to call in a professional to assess the heating system. Electrical problems have many causes, including loose and worn wiring, as well as an overworked furnace system due to dirt or wear. Your heating expert can find the cause of the electrical issue quickly and repair it safely to restore normal furnace function without affecting your home’s electrical system.

Blower Motor Replacement

Once your furnace has produced heated air, this air must be distributed throughout your home. The furnace’s blower motor is an integral component that pushes the heated air up into your duct system; it’s important to note that the blower motor also works during the summer to push cooled air produced by your air conditioning through your ducts. Because it works all year long, the blower motor can be at higher risk than other parts of your furnace for problems, particularly when poor airflow causes this component to strain to achieve the home comfort you want. Once your blower motor begins to fail, it should be replaced with a new unit by your heating professional to restore proper airflow and lower heating costs.

Burner and Gas Valve Adjustment

Natural gas furnaces use a burner assembly to create heat via combustion. If the burners or gas valve become dirty, corroded, or blocked, it will reduce or even completely stop proper furnace function. Burner and gas valve cleaning, adjustments, and replacements are common furnace repairs that your HVAC service can complete quickly to restore furnace efficiency so you can enjoy a warm and comfortable home once more. These repairs absolutely require a professional, as burners and gas valves must be calibrated to provide the right mixture of gas and heat for safe and effective home heating. Improper repairs can cause your furnace to put out excess carbon monoxide or simply gather dirt and soot more quickly, which will degrade the appliance and raise your heating bills over time.

If you think your furnace may need repair, your Columbia HVAC service is here to help. Our heating repair technicians can quickly and easily perform an evaluation of your home’s heating system to determine where attention is needed, then make repairs promptly to restore your home comfort. You can find out even more about your heating and cooling system when you check out the other articles on our blog, or click over to our website today to schedule heating repair in Columbia, SC.

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