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Your HVAC system is responsible for treating the air throughout your home, maintaining the temperature and humidity levels you want for consistent and reliable comfort. However, a basic heating and cooling system does have limitations when it comes to creating the ideal indoor environment for your family. If you’re looking for a way to further improve your Columbia home’s indoor air quality for greater health, comfort, and even energy savings, our HVAC accessories offer the customizability and control you want in your home.

Air Filters and Purifiers

Your family deserves a healthy home environment free of allergens, bacteria, viruses, and odors. While a basic furnace filter screens out large particles such as dust and some pollen, many smaller contaminants that cause allergies, asthma, and other illnesses can pass right through. Thus, even if you change your furnace filter regularly, you’re still allowing a high level of airborne contaminants to remain in the air you breathe. Whole-home air filters and purifiers can be installed as part of your existing HVAC system to continually clean the air you breathe as it circulates through your heating and cooling system. These products use technology such as electrostatic filter media and UV lamps to capture or destroy airborne contaminants, chemicals, and odors around the clock for a healthier home and a cleaner HVAC system. By removing contaminants from your air as it circulates, you’ll not only enjoy better health and comfort at home; you’ll also keep your HVAC system in better shape by preventing much of the buildup that robs your heating and cooling appliances of efficiency over time.

Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers

Humidity plays a vital role in your health and comfort at home. Air that is too humid can leave you feeling excessively warm and sticky, while air that is too dry can irritate the skin, eyes, nose, mouth, and throat. Very high or low humidity can also damage your home and your belongings, causing moisture to condense that may lead to water damage or drying out materials and causing them to crack, warp, and deteriorate. Humidifiers and dehumidifiers allow you to accurately control the humidity level in your home, adding or removing humidity for exactly the indoor environment you want. These HVAC accessories can also help you use your heating and cooling system more efficiently—adding humidity to dry winter air will make it feel warmer, while removing excess humidity during the summer helps you feel cooler, all without changing the thermostat.

HVAC accessories allow you to completely customize your home environment to enjoy greater comfort, better health, and even long-term energy savings with better performance from your heating and cooling appliances. If you’d like to explore our indoor air quality products in Columbia, please visit our website to take a look at the services and solutions we offer to give your HVAC system and added boost. You can also check out our blog for more tips on maintaining high HVAC efficiency and good indoor air quality at home.

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