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Your heating and air conditioning play a vital role in your everyday life. From achieving your ideal indoor temperature to keeping your air clean and easy to breathe, these important home systems are here to help you relax in comfort and good health. In addition to maintaining your heating and air conditioning systems in Columbia, SC, there are several additional steps you can take to create a better indoor environment at home.

Use the Right Air Filter

Your furnace filter acts as a screen to keep dirt and dust from entering your heating and air conditioning system. Reducing the amount of dirt inside these appliances not only improves their function, it also keeps the air you breathe cleaner. There are a number of air filter options available on the market today, all offering different features and ratings. Understanding how these ratings work and which filter is best for your HVAC system is an important step toward creating a healthy indoor environment. Air filters have a Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) rating from 1-16; most residential HVAC systems can use a filter with a MERV rating of 7-12. Higher ratings mean the filter is able to capture smaller particles, but a higher rating also means smaller filter openings, which make your HVAC system work harder to pull air in through the filter. If you want to begin purchasing air filters with a higher MERV rating to reduce dirt and dust in your home, it’s best to check with your heating and air service first to make sure your system can handle any increased resistance without suffering inefficiency.

Invest in a Good Thermostat

Your thermostat is the main control center for your furnace and air conditioner. Thus, a good thermostat can make a big difference when trying to create an ideal indoor environment for your family. If your home still has a manual thermostat with a slider or dial for temperature readings and control, one of the simplest moves you can make toward energy efficiency and home comfort is upgrading to a digital programmable thermostat. These systems are inexpensive to purchase and can be installed by a heating and air professional during a very short service visit. Once installed, you can use your digital thermostat to more easily regulate the temperature inside your home, thanks to its clear readings and ease of use. A digital thermostat allows you to easily see at a glance the temperature inside your home and set the temperature you want; you can also create programs to regulate your home’s temperature while you are present or away that eliminates the need to constantly remember to adjust your thermostat by hand. If you’re interested in upgrading your thermostat to the very latest technology, smart learning thermostats take temperature programming and convenience to a whole new level. These thermostats “learn” your daily activities by noting whenever you do make temperature adjustments, then develop heating and air conditioning programs based on your preferences to further reduce energy usage and ensure your home is the perfect temperature every time you step in the door. Wireless internet capabilities allow you to make adjustments to your heating or air conditioning even while you’re not present to accommodate for changes in your schedule or the weather.

Using the right tools can make heating and cooling your Columbia home easier and more efficient than ever before. Take a look through our blog for more on the latest HVAC news, or click through our website for information about heating and air in Columbia, SC.

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