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Excerpt: Smarter air conditioning strategies can help you reduce strain on your HVAC system for lower bills and better performance. This article explores a few handy tips you can use to keep your home cooler and more comfortable this summer.

This summer, getting the most from your air conditioning in Columbia, SC, means enjoying a cleaner, healthier, and cooler home. Understanding how your air conditioning works and the factors that affect its efficiency can go a long way toward increasing the longevity of your current cooling system to reduce cooling bills and put off the need for replacement as long as possible. If you have questions about your air conditioning or have noticed a drop in cooling efficiency, take action as soon as possible by contacting your Columbia air conditioning service for help.

Minimize Temperature Differentials

Your air conditioner must work for every degree of cooling it provides. Regardless of the type of air conditioner your home uses, minimizing the difference between the indoor and outdoor temperatures is the best way to reduce your cooling bills and prolong the lifetime of your system. In general, avoid setting your indoor temperature lower than 76-78 degrees to conserve energy and reduce your air conditioning’s cooling load. For the best performance, you should aim to set your air conditioning to cool your home only as much as is needed to keep the temperature comfortable and reduce humidity on hot, humid summer days. Many homeowners will set the temperature lower to cool their home faster, then turn the dial back up at a later time. However, this strategy simply places excessive strain on your air conditioner, causing it to wear out more quickly and cost more to run without actually cooling your home any more quickly.

Reduce Indoor Humidity

In addition to removing heat from your home’s air, your air conditioning also removes humidity. You can help your air conditioning work more efficiently by reducing indoor humidity to maintain more even temperature and moisture levels in the air your system must cool. In addition to the weather outside, there are several indoor sources of humidity that can contribute to moisture levels in the air. Using ventilation fans when you shower or bathe will funnel any humidity from the hot water you use outside your home, rather than contributing to higher indoor humidity levels. When drying clothes, hang or lay wet clothing outside to dry rather than doing so inside your home, which will also prevent increasing the humidity in the air your cooling system must treat. Finally, during hot, humid spells of weather, it’s best to keep your windows closed and cool your home with your air conditioner, even when the temperature drops at night. If the weather is expected to remain hot and humid during the day, keeping your indoor air at a consistent temperature and humidity level with your air conditioning is actually the most efficient way to enjoy a comfortable home around the clock, rather than trying to give your air conditioner a break by opening your windows at night and inadvertently letting greater humidity inside.

These tips can give you a great start to enjoying problem-free cooling from your air conditioning in Columbia, SC. If you need additional help or personalized advice for your home’s cooling needs, stop by our website to contact a heating and air conditioning expert. You’ll also find more tips, information, and industry news when you click through the articles on our online blog.

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